OnTrial Logo

On Trial Associates, Inc. grew from founder Gillian Drake’s recognition of the parallels between the persuasive presentation techniques used by actors and those required of lawyers and witnesses in the courtroom. The same techniques that actors use can also be used by lawyers to improve their vocal performance, connect with the jury, and enhance their storytelling skills.

With witnesses, the transference of performance skills is even more direct- stage fright, anxiety, presence, and authenticity are basic areas to master on stage or on the witness stand.

On Trial has developed a unique approach to presentation and interpersonal communication, using basic theater techniques to enable our clients to consistently communicate emotions as well as facts in a credible and committed performance.

Our strategy

  • Evaluating a case’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Helping our clients feel comfortable with who they are and what they have to say.
  • Minimizing weaknesses, so they no longer have the power to attract attention.
  • Teaching our clients to express their experiences in ways that are honest, convincing, and compelling.
  • Observing our clients’ behavior in order to enhance what is appealing and adjust what is distracting.
  • Offering our clients skills that they can use effectively again and again.