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This 8-week course teaches lawyers to be commanding presenters and public speakers.Utilizing the fundamentals of actor training, participants learn to overcome stage fright, connect with audiences, and become stronger communicators.

In 8 Monday night classes, participants will:

  1. Apply our unique process of adapting text for speech to a work-related speech of your choosing.
  2. Use acting exercises to master communication techniques and eliminate the stumbling blocks of performance.
  3. Gain the confidence to maximize your personal style, share your message, and motivate your audience, whether it be a client, colleague, judge, or jury.

Throughout the 8 weeks, we will teach you the basics of voice, body awareness, connection and messaging so that you can harness your communicative powers for your own presentations.

We videotape the first and last class, so you leave with a sure sense of your style and strengths, as well as a list of key challenges and how to continue to transform them into strengths.

Sign up today by clicking this : gillian@ontrialassociates.com or giving us a call at (301) 652-6228.

Bring a friend (and receive $25 off for each of you) – Introduction to Performance Strategies offers unique training and insights for lawyers of all levels of experience.